• Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) is first Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) endeavor between Government of Gujarat and Adani Education & Research Foundation. GAIMS is the only Medical College and Multi-Specialty Modern Teaching District Hospital in Kutch District. Under the unique PPP model high tech medical college was established since 2009 in Bhuj. 
  • GAIMS is part of Adani Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and is managed by Adani Education & Research Foundation, under the umbrella of Adani Foundation. 
  • This page provides basic information of RFQ (Request for Quotation) at GAIMS.  
  • Interested Bidders have to fill out RFQ Form in the prescribed format and send their quotation on letter head with detailed to:
    • via email – as mentioned in RFQ form
  • Please download RFQ form - from Download Link  
  • For any query regarding RFQ, please send email on above mentioned email ID.  
  • Current RFQs for various goods/services are as per below mentioned table: 



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