Laboratory Services

Diagnostic laboratories play an important role in the diagnosis of disease before the start of treatment and also monitoring of patient once the treatment has been initiated. All the diagnostic laboratories of this hospital are equipped with high-end equipment.


The Laboratory services at GAIMS undertake diagnostic testing that range from automated rapid response testing to evolving genetic assays. The Pathology department performs biopsy testing, cytology-related test, and investigations for various blood-related diseases. In the Biochemistry laboratory, modern equipment for measuring levels of various substances in blood are available. In microbiology, laboratory tests for identifying various infections are performed. Regular quality control checks are performed on laboratory equipment. The sample results are automatically transferred from Laboratory Equipment to Digital system which ensures that the patients get actual results without any error.


Some of the high-end laboratory equipment available at GAIMS includes:

  • Vitros 250
  • Backman Coultor – LH750
  • Mini Vidas
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