Anaesthesiology Department




1. basic principle of General and Regional Anesthesia (including epidural / subarachnoid block / peripheral nerve blocks).

2. basic knowledge of General Anesthesia agents and local anesthetic agents ( i.v drugs, inhalation agents & medical gases).

3. basic knowledge of Anesthesia machine

4. Anatomy & Physiology of spinal canal, upper airway

5. Oxygen therapy




1. secure i.v. access, venipuncture, i.v. drips

2. perform Lumber Puncture

3. secure and manage airway

4. administer oxygen therapy

5. perform CPCR


(iii) Application:


1. able to perform pre-anesthetic checkup

2. monitor patient during Anesthesia & Post-operative (perioperative period)

3. maintain Anesthesia Record

4. perform Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation

5. able to administer Oxygen therapy


(iv) Integration:


Integration to be done with Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Radiology & Pathology

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