Dentistry Department




The student should be able to:

1. explain the principles of recognition of dental infections and awareness of the same.

2. apply suitable methods to detect and manage common infections of teeth and gums.

3. identify dental caries, gums diseases, dental anomalies and their referral for appropriate correction.

4. recognize dental diseases associated nutritional deficiencies due to calcium fluoride, vitamin C, vitamine D and other mineral deficiency diseases as seen in this country.

5. explain etiogenesis, manifestations, diagnosis and treatment plan for dental infections.




At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

1. detect dental diseases and deliver first aid measures for common dental pain and swelling and manage to give relief patients from dental complains.

2. give temporary relief by prescribing medications n give symptomatic treatment in case of dental emergency in medical practice.

3. management of common dental infections, gingival and periodontal infections or any maxilla mandibular bony defects.

4. should be able to manage immediate treatment from accidental bleeding of gums.




Be able to perform certain dental skills, and they should be able to perform uncomplicated easy tooth extractions in remote areas at primary health care level.




Integration with anatomy, surgery, pathology, ENT, radiology and Forensic Medicine is done.

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